Leading You to Victory

To Our Victory Transportation & Victory Freight Customers,

Over the past two decades, Victory has provided our customers with the highest level of service, time-definite deliveries, and unwavering commitment to safety. Through economic ups-and-downs, devastating natural disasters, and the daily challenges of operating in one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, we strive each day to live our motto – “Leading You to Victory”.

The current social and economic environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be uncharted waters for our entire nation. Businesses are learning to adapt to regulatory mandates and economic realities. Victory is adjusting to the new business environment while maintaining our steadfast commitment to outstanding customer service.

With respect to the safety and welfare of our drivers, our customers, and the motoring public, Victory Transportation and Victory Freight has instituted the following health and safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  1. Drivers will practice proper hand hygiene per the CDC recommendations
  2. Drivers will wear cloth masks any time they are outside of the cab of the truck
  3. Drivers will practice social distancing per the CDC recommendations
  4. Drivers will not share ink pens, PPE, tools, phones, or other personal items
  5. Drivers will clean and disinfect the cabs of their trucks on a regular basis
  6. Drivers will limit the time outside of the cab during required stops
  7. Drivers will utilize paperless invoices when available
  8. Drivers will avoid shaking hands.
  9. Drivers will contact customers in advance, when possible, to reduce time at customer’s location.

Our drivers will also abide by any health and safety policies you have established for your business. Please notify our drivers of any such company policies when our driver or dispatcher contacts you for pickup and delivery instructions. We take our role in ensuring your safety, along with the safety of our drivers and employees.


Brendan Neef, Owner/CEO, Victory Transportation Systems, Inc. & Victory Freight Systems, LLC